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Alpha Brainwave Technology specialises in Brainwave Frequencies that helps boost your Mind Performance, Mood, Mental Health, Physical and Spiritual Well Being, Better Sleep Quality, and so much more benefits we have yet to mention here.


Alpha Brainwave Technology strives to help you release pressure, relax every minute, and rediscover the beauty of life.

Different types of brainwave frequencies serve us different purpose. Some are designed to help us feel relaxed; some help us feel happiness and energetic feelings; some increase our concentrations on work and studies; some enhance our sex drive and performance on bed; some help heal our broken hearts; some help releases our deep buried guilt and anger, while some has positive effects on PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Our videos are at best when played by stereo, or using earphones or headphones. Repeatedly playing for 30 minutes, and keep listening for 30 days and will likely start to notice apparent desired outcome.

You don't have to be consciously aware of the brainwave infused music being played. A better way to use our product is to leave your computer/ smartphones playing the music, using headphones or stereo speakers, and then keep carrying out your daily activities. This will not reduce our products' effect.


Do not play these video if you are driving car/ airplanes/ ships/ machinery. Do not watch these videos if you suffer from epilepsy. Do not play these videos if you are pregnant, or if you have pacemaker or any other electrical device implanted inside your body. If you doubt, please consult your doctor.

Please be aware that the videos provided on this website is not suitable for everyone, and they should be aware of the warnings embeded on the videos, and should also be aware that they are able to have a free trial on the "Free Trial Channel" or the 20 seconds free trailer for all videos to have a sense of whether they are suitable to listen to the videos or not.

With Alpha Brainwave Technology
 Happiness Seeking Has Never Been Easier!
Traditional Way of Happiness Seeking
traditional way of happiness.jpg
  • Dating Your Crush

  • Achieving Career Ambition

  • Harmonious Relationships

  • Loving Family

  • Financial Freedom

  • Supporting and Loyal Friends

Which is Not Always Attainable!

What We Offer
  • Instant Feeling of Happiness

  • Instant Feeling of Stress Relief

  • Sleep Quality Improvement

  • Instant Relief of Negative Emotions

  • Heal Relationship Wounds

  • Better Mind Performance

True Happiness is Achievable!

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